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Jindabyne Nursery is situated in Monbulk established 25 years ago.
Growing Citrus has always been a passion of ours…… Now actually doing it, the satisfaction is rewarding.

"With growing various other lines, we needed a change to add to the mix.
With a lot of research and hard work, my wife and I decided to give Citrus Fruit Plants a go."

When you start off with a seed and watch something mature into a beautiful plant, which also bears fruit, it’s the best outcome.
Being in a cooler climate (VIC) our Citrus are already climatized, and will adapt to the season, but will also strive in warmer climates.

We take a lot of Pride in what we do, and hope to impress the market as the future rolls on.

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Lime Fruit Plants

Lime Fruit Plants

We grow two varieties of Lime fruit plants, Kaffir Lime and Tahitian Lime.

Lemon Fruit Plants

Lemon Fruit Plants

Our varieties of Lemon fruit plants are Eureka, Lisbon, Meyer and Lemonade.

Mandarin Fruit Plants

Mandarin Fruit Plants

Four types of madarin plants are available, Emperor, Imperial, Japanese Seedless and Cumquat - nagami fruit plants.

Orange Fruit Plants

Orange Fruit Plants

Orange fruit plants we can supply are Washington Navel, Valencia Seedless and Blood Orange fruit plants.

Citrus Growing Tips.

🔸 Citrus - Pruning is a necessary part of caring for the citrus trees. Will help stimulate growth. Younger trees won't bear fruit for the first 2 years, until they become more mature.

🔸 For mature trees prune half the tree every 1 or 2 years. If you prune the whole tree, you wont get fruit for a season.

🔸 Depending on your environment, January is a good time to prune, so come Feb/March new growth will come, Ready for April / June –

🔸 Going into cooler weather, your plant may become a little yellow, but this is all part of adapting to the season.

🔸 When the tree is yellow (the undergrowth should stay green) Make sure you feed up the tree in Autumn and Spring.


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